New Year New You…

For many people, January is a time of renewal, the perfect opportunity to set new goals and make big changes.  The slogan “new year, new you” is everywhere as people seek to overhaul their lives.


But sometimes the most powerful transformations can come out of the routines that already support us.  The best version of you may be one small change away!


If you are already caring for your hair and scalp with gentle, nontoxic Aveda products, you can see dramatic improvements by adding a new treatment to your haircare regime.  Using the Nutriplenish Treatment Masque once a week delivers intensive moisture to dry hair, leaving it shiny, lush, and 4 x as hydrated.  Botanical Repair Strengthening products can be customized to your hair’s unique needs, repairing damaged strands from the inside out.


Your stylist is a great resource to recommend products that will complement your cut and help you achieve your haircare goals.  You can even add an in-salon treatment during your regularly scheduled appointments!


At Z Place, small changes can lead to big transformations, and the best version of you is waiting to be revealed.